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Litigation support is an integral part of asset division litigation

Brad Stern, qualified as an expert witness.

Brad Stern, qualified as an expert witness in Probate and Family Court for most Massachusetts counties, the United States Bankruptcy Court, and the Massachusetts Appellate Tax Board. Brad’s over thirty-five years of experience with expert witness testimony and the appraisal review process are available to the client as litigation support. Clients find this support to be an integral part of asset division litigation.

Litigation support services include:

  • Review the opposing appraiser’s testimony with counsel.
  • Review the opposing appraisal report(s) and provide the client with an appraisal review report to “poke holes” in the opposing appraisal report during direct and cross-examination.
  • Provide the client with potential direct and cross-examination questions for the opposing appraiser with supporting documentation.
  • These services are mainly focused on factual errors and the “fertile ground” of subjective sections in an appraisal report.

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