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Personal and Professional service is what sets us apart.

We have provided residential real estate appraisals, expert witness testimony, and litigation support to our clients in a timely and professional manner for over thirty-five years. Real estate is often the largest asset in a legal matter. Our clients trust us to be their “eyes and ears” by providing a thorough and accurate description of the subject property and analysis of market value. The owners of the property are often going through a difficult time when we inspect the property. Great care is taken to represent the client in a highly professional manner. After completing the appraisal report, we are available for follow-up questions and comments.

The Back Story

In 1983, I started Chestnut Hill Appraisal Services, working out of my friend’s office trailer in Medford, got married, moved to Newton, and opened my first office in Newton Center. Later that year, I moved my office to Chestnut Hill and opened a second office in Westborough, MA. Due to a recession and several of my lending clients folding, the Westborough office closed in 1985, and the staff was consolidated into the Chestnut Hill office. At this point in my career, business consisted mainly of assignments for lending purposes, such as first and second mortgages and home equity loans. The business was seasonal and dependent on interest rates and economic factors. Occasionally, a private assignment would come in from an attorney’s office. It took me only a short time to realize these assignments were not affected the same way as lending assignments.

In 1992, another recession resulted in closing the Chestnut Hill office and laying off my staff. This was the first time I experienced laying off people who depended on you for their livelihood. It was heartbreaking, but I had to do what was best for me and my family at the time. It turned out to be a blessing for some of the people who worked with me.

One of the appraisers opened his own firm and remains a good friend thirty years later. Another appraiser is the head commercial assessor in a local city, and he, too, remains a friend after all these years. In 1992, I met a colleague, Arthur Larrivee, in a continuing education class. He had appraisal practice in New Bedford and taught appraisal classes as well. Arthur became a friend and mentor by encouraging me to pursue private appraisal assignments for divorces and estates. He also mentored me to become an expert witness and offered advice on running my practice. Most small business owners I’ve known have someone who changed their lives. Arthur is that person. He’s now in his mid-90s and retired. We stay in touch, and he’s still mentoring me thirty years later.


Two core principles Arthur taught me were “you’re only as good as your last appraisal” and “One fee is not worth risking your career.” The core principles Arthur taught me remain in place today.

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